Annotate on chromosomes/chromosomal regions

and visualize feature-associated data.

Introducing new

2D-Chromosome Plots

Visualize your annotations in 2D space.

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High-Resolution Maps

Increase number of genomic windows per chromosome


Use a fixed window size

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In-built Export Buttons

Export plots to PNG or SVG

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chromLinks Plots

Connect annotations using links.

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Prominent Features

  • Visualize genes, genomes, or genomic regions of any living organism.

  • Polyploidy

  • Polyploidy allows visualization of different sets of chromosomes, differing in size and numbers, on the same plot. learn more

  • Chromosome Heat Maps

  • Visualize feature-associated data, like various multi-omics data, as heat colors on chromosomes. learn more

  • Bar and Scatter Plots

  • Visualize feature-associated data, for the annotated features, as either bar plots or scatter plots. learn more

  • epi-tags

  • Mark genomic loci with condition-based tags. learn more

  • Filters

  • Allows conditional-coloring of bar/scatter plots based on mathematical conditions on the data. learn more

  • chromLinks

  • visualize connections or links between loci. learn more

  • Discrete Color Maps

  • Visualize grouped annotations as discrete colors on the chromosomes. learn more

  • Labellings

  • Add labels to the chromosome plots. learn more

  • Hyperlinks

  • Add hyperlinks for annotated features. learn more

  • Highly Customizable

  • Tweak every aspect of the plot.

  • export options

  • export the plots as either standalone HTML documents or static images.